Different Types of Mortgages

There are various types of mortgages that are available. It’s within your advantage to know about each mortgage type before your start on looking for the next property. There are many people who applies for fixed-rate mortgages. Through a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rates usually stays the same for most of loan’s term, which usually ranges from 10 – 30 years. An advantage through this kind of mortgage is that you will know how much the mortgage payment will be and that you could plan for it, but the property taxes and homeowners insurance may change during the repayment period of the mortgage.

A good advantage about an ARM is that you will be able to afford the more expensive homes because its initial interest rates are lower. You also could find several government mortgage programs to which includes the Veteran’s Administration’s program, Department of Agriculture program, Federal Housing Administration mortgages and also the conventional loans. It’s essential that you try to discuss first your financial situation with the real estate broker about the various loan options prior to starting on your shopping for mortgages.

The following are brief descriptions about the main type of mortgages:

The conventional mortgage loans requires a minimum of 3% of down payment. The private mortgage insurance (PMI) is needed unless there’s a 20% down payment or when the lender paid, PMI is offered by the mortgage company. The mortgages likewise are offered for investors and owner occupants.

There’s likewise the FHA financing where this needs a minimum of 3.50% down. The FHA likewise will allow approved nonprofit organizations and family members in assisting homebuyers with down payment requirements. There will also be the needed for an upfront and monthly mortgage insurance. It’s an owner occupied financing that’s being offered.

Another is the veterans administration where honorably discharged veterans or an active-duty personnel in the military who has met the qualifications are eligible for the no down payment mortgage financing. But, this will however need an upfront funding fee unless the veteran was disabled. This actually doesn’t need monthly mortgage insurances, but is only made available for the owner occupants only.

There’s also the USDA financing where such program is available through the United States Department of Agriculture. Such loan type will allow zero down financing for owner-occupied properties at designated rural areas.

Even though these types of loan area able to offer different features, you should however do your research first so you are able to know which of such loan type is going to fit well with your financial situation.

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