Thinking of having long dark eye lashes that stick without having to apply any mascara? Well, eye lash extensions could just do it for you. However, one might be worried if eyelash extensions are indeed harmful to your eye lashes and one might be thinking if having eye lash extensions is actually a long term solution. The two groups of ladies that think about this question. First, there are those that have done eye lash extensions before and are considering doing it, and the second are those that have tried doing it before and did not have a very positive experience.

The quick answer to the question is that eyelash extensions are not harmful to your eye lashes and certainly do not cause any damage to your natural eye lashes when they are done right. Note that when one has done the eyelash extensions correctly, the lashes will not fall out. They will only fall out together with your natural eye lashes when the growth cycle of your lashes ends. One factor that might deter one from getting a lash extension could be that the eyelash extensions price offered is too high and beyond your budget. Note that there are many of such service providers out there in the market, so it would help if you could do some prior research and engaging a service provider that offers lash extensions within your budget.

If you notice that your natural lashes are beginning to break, do not fret. Usually it could be the eye lash extensions applied are too heavy or clustered, which may cause your natural lashes to break. Eyelash extensions should be catered to an individual as there are certain factors that play a part in ensuring that the extension is done right; these include the eyelash weight, size, curl and length of the eyelash used.

In conclusion, eyelash extensions are not harmful to your own natural lashes. There are many alternative treatments to eye extensions such as eyelash lift, eyelash tint, and even lash rejuvenation, which aims at treating one’s eyelashes from its roots. All in all, do consider the benefits of each treatment and approach a reliable service provider to do the work for you.