Choosing what to wear on a date can be an uphill task for many people. Both men and women should look good when showing up for a date whether it is for the first time or not. But those who are more sensitive about what they wear are women.

This guide will take you through what to wear for different types of dates and the reasons for these recommendations. The advice is based on deep research and consultation with fashion experts. Therefore, it will be of use to anyone who wants to look good and feel confident when going on a date.

Considering the Rules

Some couples may have set up some outfit rules that determine what they will wear. If this is the case for you, it is important to abide by these rules. Otherwise, it may give a bad impression about you, especially if it is your first date. However, dating rules should not limit you to wearing the same outfits over and over since they can be amended with time. After all, there are many designs that get along well with dates.

Choosing from Your Wardrobe

No matter how special you feel it is, dating should not overwhelm you, especially when deciding on what to wear. Therefore, you can make use of your wardrobe. With your focus on looking good for the date, you will be surprised that your wardrobe is rich in a way that you have never realized.

The secret is in knowing what your partner expects of you. Also, dressing depending on the type of data is crucial. For those who have met on Happymatches, an online dating site, they should have picked up hints about what the other person expects of you regarding outfits.

Dressing for a Formal Dinner

Gone are the days when formal dinner dates dictated a formal dress code of 3-piece suits and formal dresses. For women, who are more sensitive, they can still do jeans, a blazer, and high-heeled shoes and still look good. However, dresses still remain the best pick. For men, a mix of formal and casual will work. In fact, it will almost look out of place if you dress in a tuxedo to go on a date. The best way to dress is jeans, a neat and well-pressed shirt, and a blazer. Some good formal shoes will complete the look.

Dressing for a Casual Date

For most people, a weekend afternoon ice-cream or coffee date is less stressful when choosing the right outfit. But the truth of the matter is that it still requires the right attention.

Although anything from dresses to jeans for ladies will do, it is important to look smart and confident. Both men and women can wear what they feel most comfortable in including sandals. There is no need to complicate your attire for this date.


As we can see, dating should be fun rather than stressful or overwhelming. But since the way you dress is sensitive, even on other occasions, it is important to consider the tips that we have shared. They will be of help to you.