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The system of saving enormous data in online hub virtual data storage space with the use of the data archiving applications is referred to as the cloud storage. Data usage has been increasing each now and then among the firms, individuals and organizations hence much data handling. This requires tremendous storage space which can be used to archive the vast amount of data. The third party server owners are the ones who host the network of the online system which is the basis of the cloud storage. The large data centers are the depositories in the servers hosting firms. One can lease the virtual storage space from the hosting companies to store the data they have. They can also buy the storage from the third party hosting center so that they archive the data.

The server operators make sure that they generate a response for the clients to access the contents stored in the server. The advantage with the cloud computing is that one can be allowed to access their documents by the use of the internet platform while at different places without necessarily installing the application in the PC. The internet enables the clients to centralize the bandwidth, processing and storage of data as provided by the cloud computing. The services provided by the cloud storage can be accessed by the use of the typical email accounts used for the day to day communication. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud are among the typically utilized cloud storage software applications. They have gained popular usage nowadays. These applications help us to store data of any format including word documents, PowerPoint slides, videos, photos among others. The cloud storage has similar functions as the flash disk. The cloud storage can store huge amounts of data without the need of any hardware device as everything is done online.

Several advantages come with the cloud storage. Most cloud storages are free whereby users need to sign-up for an account and there it is. After signing, you have your cloud storage right way. Default storage capacity is usually available for the users of the cloud storage applications. You can access this account anywhere with any PC or a mobile phone or a tablet. Convenience is always guaranteed by the use of the cloud storage. On signing-in, you can be able to access all the documents you have saved into the cloud storage capacity. The applications can be downloaded from the google play or app store and installed in tablets and mobile phone before signing-in. It is easy to upgrade the storage space especially when the default space gets used up. The default storage size is always different for various applications. Extra space can be established for more data. The cloud storage is user-friendly as you can drag-and-drop files from any PC. Folders with stored files can even be downloaded easily making it effective. Security for the data is ensured.

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