How To Prevent Static Current From Destroying Your Computer.

Most of the time, electric current can be generated out of the blue. Static electricity is one of the electricity that can be generated. In most cases, we produce this current when we rub our hands on things that produce this current.

We can handle this electric current and it might feel fun, but when it comes to computers, this is another story. The static current is very dangerous to the inside parts of the computer which might destroy them.

People who work on the inside of the computers have registered cases where a part or the entire computer was destroyed. Humans don’t feel the static current but the only way to know it occurred is when one part of the computer is destroyed.

When handling the inside part of the computer, it is better to ensure that the Static control measures are in place. The measures that you adopt are important for the safety of the computer.

When handling parts that are sensitive to ESD, you should follow the steps below. These steps have proven to work through the years and have prevented more damage to the vulnerable parts of the computer.

Zero Potential

Maintaining the zero potential between you and your computer when working on the inside of the computer is important. If you want to maintain this zero-potentially, you should touch the unpainted metal surface that is found in the power supply of the computer.


Woolen sweaters are known for conducting this electric current and avoiding them is important.

Disconnect the codes

Make sure that all the codes at the back of the computer are disconnected.

Working Position

The best position to be when working on a computer is by standing. When you are seated you tend to produce a lot of static currency.


Get rid of the jewelry when working on the inside of the computer. Jewelry are known for conducting and generating static electricity.


If you are working on your computer, it is better to wait until the current passes before you resume your work. Storms can increase the likelihood of an ESD to occur.

For those who plan on working on their computer more than once, then they are encouraged to get an Antisatic. The Antistatic that you buy can be a wrist strap, a mat if you are working on many computers or even a desk.

If you are not careful with the inside of the computer, you might end up damaging the sensitive parts. Accessories that are more vulnerable are the hard discs and the expansion cards. If you are interested in the Antistatic, follow this link.

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