MB&F stands for Maximilian Busser & Friends, and is one of the leading innovative luxury watch manufacturers in the world of ‘haute-horologie’. Launched in 2005 by Maximilian Busser with the sole intention to shock the conservative world of fine watchmaking, the pieces are produced in association with famous artists, designers and jewellers.

Having completed a masters degree in micro engineering and an apprenticeship at both Daniel Wellington watches and Jaeger le Colture, Busser moved on to start his own brand. The creations are referred to as ‘horological machines’, rather than watches. This is because a watch is designed to tell the time, whereas these are three dimensional miniature artworks that happen to tell the time.

You won’t find these in any high street watch shops that sell Rolex, Cartier and brands like that. These watches are produced in tiny numbers are cost tens of thousands of pounds. Since the brand was launched they have released four models:

H1 – Horological Machine No.1
This features four mainspring barrels connected both in series and parallel. Altogether it contains 376 parts, 81 of these are precious stones that are all functional.

H2 – Horological Machine No.2
Features all kinds of strange measurement options including Bi-hemisphere moon phase and retrograde minutes. It is also powered by a Girard-Perregaux motor.

H3 – Horological Machine No.3
Also known as the sidewinder, this features two conical displays, and an oversized date wheel for large and legible numbers.

H4 – Horological Machine No.4
Also known as the Thunderbolt, this stunning design has two perpendicular dials. It’s shaped to resemble two jet turbine pods, and had each of the 311 components specially made because of the shape.

These ‘horological machines’ are truly stunning and innovative designs. They really are a step above what are already hugely expensive top brands like Breitling or Audemars Piguet. If you can afford it, and are a horological enthusiast, you really should look into MB&F, as you will be blown away. You can see images of these amazing pieces at www.mbandf.com.