A Guide to Wine Coolers

There are two different wine refrigerators this is the compressor and thermal electric wine this type of refrigerators have the same results but they work totally different you may have looked at articles about wine fridge and seen the difference.

Compressed refrigerators work under the principle of conducting heat through a coolant just like any other home refrigerator it has a refrigerant that circulates through a compressed system and produces cold air this cold air is used to expel the hot air in the refrigerator through the funs in the back of the refrigerator . the compressor technology can lead to very cool temperatures this keeps the white wine chill and it also keeps the food and other beverages at temperatures that are good in order for the food not to spoil.

The compressor refrigerator has a coolant that depletes the ozone layer hence it is not environmentally friendly, it can also be noisy like the normal home refrigerator.

Unlike the compressor fridge the thermal electric fridge works on a different principle it does work on the principle of expanding and contracting this makes it very environment friendly and also it minimizes the noise . The thermal refrigerators have disadvantages one of them being that the fridge cannot go below a certain temperature since it does work on the principle of expanding and contracting hence they don’t cool the wine like the compressor refrigerators.

The thermal electric cooler does not remove the heat from the fridge when it is too hot outside this means that when it is too hot the air inside is cooler than outside so the fridge will tend to just maintain the hot air inside instead of just cooling it.
The same thing also happens when It is too cold the refrigerator cannot keep the items cold since it does not have a reverse mechanism of cooling the inside of the fridge it is only made to remove the heat from the outside not just keeping the items cool.

The thermal electric however is preferred due to its environmental friendly status it does not deplete the environment also it does not consume a lot of electricity compared to the other type of refrigerator which is the compressed refrigerator.

Some wine flavors require a calm fridge in order for them to maintain the flavor this can be fulfilled by the thermal electric refrigerators since they are calm. You can maximize the use of the refrigerator by keeping it away from other equipment in order for it not to conduct any heat this helps to keep the wine cool also another trick is to ensure that the fridge stays in an area that is about sixty degrees fahrenheit in order for the temperature inside the refrigerator to be maintained normally.

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