How to Choose an Electrician

Finding a good electrician is only hard when you have no idea what to look for. Of course, you can’t just pick anybody and risk your family and home’s safety. Though you’ll probably find a candidate in every corner of your town or city, you have to take note that they’re not all created equal.

Below are the most important things you should look into before hiring an electrician:

License and Insurance

First off, check if your prospect is licensed. This is your guarantee that they have the right knowledge and experience to perform a good job. Request for a copy of their license and check whether it’s current and valid for the specific kind of work you want. Of course, it’s also necessary for the tradesman to have adequate insurance. Ask for copies of their policies and make sure they’re not expired.

Written Estimates

It’s always smart to get at least three written quotes for comparison. The specifications you provide each electrician should be exactly the same, or the comparison would be inaccurate. Also, each quote must provide details of all your costs, including labor, materials, and the rest. The idea is to avoid focusing your attention on just one candidate. If you have at least three to consider, you can see their differences and choose the one that you think is best for your needs.

Qualifications and Experience

Electricians have various qualifications in different fields of electrical work. A Master Electrician will have no less than 3 years of experience and should provide a workmanship guarantee for at least one year. For example, Master Electricians can give you the highest standard of workmanship and electrical safety. If you want to install an energy-efficient electrical system, hire an accredited electrician who has extensive knowledge and training in energy-saving products and technology.

Personal Referrals

Ask friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors if they can recommend a good electrician they might have used in the past. Most people like talking about their positive experiences with service professionals. If you can’t get any recommendations, read online reviews on credible consumer websites. You can also ask your prospective electrician for references, and be sure to contact them. If the tradesman hesitated even slightly, you should be suspicious.

Communication and Personality

No one wants an ill-mannered tradesman or who one who works sloppily. Observe how they deal with you. Are they polite? Are they prompt when returning your communication? It’s important that your electrician is easy to get in touch with. And yes, appearance and attitude count because they usually reflect the work quality a tradesman can provide.

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