Solar Shades: Smart Window Treatments as Great Home Addition

Today, it is possible to integrate all your devices to the Internet so you can have a full access and control wherever you are based on your own time and space. Smart home technology involves home automation devices and systems that are integrated into a more convenient and secured home, thus it is worth every investment as this will soon be a necessity more than a luxury. Motorized window treatments are great home additions, providing privacy, sun protection, and great aesthetic value for your home. Motorized window treatments can be controlled with the use of remotes, voice assistants, smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-capable mobile devices, giving you great convenience every time.

There is a major role of the type of window treatments you have with your energy consumption, and the good thing about automated shades is the integration with HVAC system that can react independently reading from sunlight sensors and temperature to lower your energy bill. They work both in winter and summer, adjusting themselves smartly based on the weather outside to cooling and heating. Secure your home to look as if somebody is at home even if you’re away with the help of automated sensors and timers that create an illusion of occupancy to make your home deterrent for burglars. Hanging cords are considered prominent domestic hazards that record hundreds of deaths annually, and to resolve this motorized shades are used because they don’t have any dangling cord so they are completely child safe. On a sunny day you can minimize solar gain so your air conditioner can operate more efficiently, and you can keep your lights off when the shades are up because natural light enters your room, thus reducing energy expenses. For hard-to-reach windows, motorized shades are perfect because they are simply opened and closed with just a touch of a button with the use of voice assistant or phone. In addition to the energy efficiency, convenience, safety, security, and comfort, window treatments can protect your furniture, artworks, and floors from sunlight.

Motorized shades look better than manual window treatments and they are attached to a motorized track, rod, window treatments lift, or roller we without tugging on a cord. Motorized shades come in a wide array of textures, colors, and opacities to fit your home d?cor and design. It is important to consider several factors when choosing the right window treatment for you. You need to consider the quality, price, and compatibility with your home automation. Allow Solar Shades to help you find the best motorized window treatments for your home. Solar Shades are best to achieve a beautiful and functional home window treatments. Come and visit our homepage or website for more details,

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