What You Need to Prepare When Shaving

It takes some time patience and practice to be able to achieve a smooth-looking skin as shaving is not an easy process. Shaving requires some time to prepare including the tools to use and the basics of knowing how to do it. The trick here is to have a clean and smooth face, free from bumps or any abrasion, which are achievable if shaving is done in the right manner.

Plan ahead the things you need when you are going to shave on a specific day. Things can go wrong if you are going to shave unprepared or at the very last minute. You must prepare your face by cleaning it, bring out a clean razor or even a new one and some moisturizing after shaving.

The right time to shave has been argued by some people. There are those that believe shaving is best done in the morning and according to dermatologists, facial hair in the morning is more relaxed compared at night. Others believe that it is better to do the shaving at night so that the skin has enough time to heal and relax.If the hair gets thicker and longer, it will be hard to shave off, therefore, it is recommended to shave the facial hair when it is almost an inch long. But somehow, shaving really depends on the person and how he spends an amount of time to do it so that it is done properly.

You need to have your own razor for shaving.You can find different types of razors in stores from cheap to expensive ones. Types of razors include a single and multiple blades. The difference of the prices of razors depends on the quality and feature of the blades.

For beginners, there are good starter razors available in the market for easy use and learning tips on how to use them properly.

In the preparation process, the facial hair must be softened. In order to soften the hair, it should be washed with a warm water. The next step is to wash the face with cleanser to remove any dirt. There are soaps that are specifically made for shaving, especially those that contain micro beads that help in opening the pores and exfoliate at the same time.

Another important thing to have when shaving is the shaving cream. This helps in making the razor glide easily along the face and at the same time keep the hair feeling warm and compact for an easy and clean cut.

When you are done preparing those that are mentioned above, you are now ready to shave. To get that clean cut, you must shave along the direction of the hair growth. When your hair shaft grows back, it should be in the same direction that is why it is important to shave along with it. A bump will form if you shave in the other direction because the shaft will be dug into the skin and when you shave again on that same side, the razor will pass onto the bump causing an abrasion or cut.

Lastly, your shaving routine should end up with an aftershave skin care. This step is important because it will make the skin moisturized, heal and remove bumps. Products have anti-UV protection or green tea are very helpful with the healing process. If you need to balance the pH on your skin, you can apply a toner with no to less alcohol content.

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