Why News Is Important

News occupies the central position in the globe. News is a crucial strategy of passing information along. As events are happening; people get live updates in the news through the use of live satellite technology used by broadcast and cable news services. There was a time when news would take hours or even days to reach everyone. Today, consumers can see live occurrences through radio, television, mobile phones and the internet. The media do not simply report news. Nevertheless, the primary responsibility of the media is to present to the public what is going on locally, nationally or globally. The media, therefore, does a valuable public service to the world’s population. tTo be considered quality news, a news piece must be able to answer the five questions asked by the audience; Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

News is about reporting facts. When a reporter exaggerates and distorts news information, then that is referred to as sensationalism. Sensationalism leads to a deviation from the truth, facts, and news. News is an important part of the human day to day lives. For people to be able to make knowledgeable decisions, they need to be informed of current trends in politics, the environment, social structures and the economy. That is just like saying that someone needs news. Some types of news cut across all societies. Latest weather news is a type of news that is especially important during the seasons that hurricane, typhoon, and other natural calamities are expected. Weather updates give information on how safe the weather is in the neighborhood or far away. Crimes occur every day. Crime news is a form of news that is significant to track. It is a good thing to be aware of how violent or nonviolent the place you live is. It is a good idea to pay attention to what is happening inside the local or national environment and what the police force is doing to stop and prevent crimes. Political news does not only attract politicians. Many people find political news interesting because everyone would like to know what the government is doing for its citizens. People hunting for jobs can look in the classified Ads sections. Vacancies are posted in the classified section of the news be it in print media or internet.

Technology news interests millions of techno geeks in the world. Technology news interests technology professionals when they are broadcasted on TV, internet or newspapers. The business world pays attention to the market news to be updated on what is happening in the current market. People are influenced by news report from the media. A news agency can therefore construct the society if the agency has a policy to promote people’s welfare.

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