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When it comes to philanthropy and fighting for unity and togetherness there is no name known like Dr Moshe Kantor. His has made it his priority to ensure prosperity comes to the Jewish community. It his passion that has made him three times in a row elected as the European Jewish Congress president sometimes without even a single challenger. Under his leadership the European Jewish Congress has become a unified voice for the Jewish community in Europe and even the world at large. Many institutions recognize him as the most influential Jews in the world.

Dr. Moshe is among some of the wealthiest people in the world. But this is not what makes him famous. His fame comes from his generosity when it comes to helping out with disasters and the poor. He set up the Kantor Charitable Foundation to help out with cases in the United Kingdom. In Europe, Israel and the world at large he has the Kantor Foundation dealing with the charitable cases. He contributed significant amounts of money to ensure that children and young adults suffering from mental issues can have an institution that takes care of them. He played a major role in the development of the leading Jewish comprehensive school in Redbridge. His heart to help in times of need can be witnessed every now and then. An example is when he personally paid for the reconstruction of a nursing home in Novgorod region that went up in flames and also added a new residential center to the structure.

There has been unity in Europe brought about by this incredible man. He participates in many talks on interfaith tolerance. ” The future of a peaceful, united and tolerant Europe lies in all of our hands. We must be proactive in the face of this dark, encroaching racism, hate and intolerance and refuse to passively accept it. Our European future depends on it” is a famous quote by Dr Kantor.

There are civic activities that Dr Kantor is involved in. He has been heard calling himself the main person on duty in the European Jewish street. This is because of the role he plays as the president of the EJC. He also participates in the Holocaust remembrance forums. The main purpose of the forum is to keep alive the memories of the tragic event that killed many innocent people. He has been championing nuclear non-proliferation since the year 2007.

The positive contributions of Dr Kantor to the entire world are very many. There are very many things about him that this article has not even mentioned. In order to know the man better you can read more about him online.

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