Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Winter Tires

The coming of winter usually means having to drive on roads that are not in the best of conditions. The risk of getting into trouble with your car makes many people choose to stay at home rather than driving out. The roads become slippery as a result of the snow, making driver susceptible to getting into an accident. This problem can, however, be avoided if you simply fit your vehicle with winter tires. Winter tires are made in such a way that they can comfortably handle the icy and wet conditions, allowing you to travel and arrive at your destination safely. Here are best 5 reasons why you need to get these tires for your car.

Improved Traction
With the road being slippery, you need tires that are better able to grip the road. Snow tires have additional treads inside the usual threads. This gives your vehicle added traction needed when accelerating and also when braking because the tires have more flex.

Keep Your Summer Tires For Later Use
Summer tires are designed for stable and dry roads with little or no slipperiness. Using them in winter will not only be dangerous for you but also costlier as well. They will need constant replacement because they wear out faster. Thus you have to make a point of substituting the summer tires for the winter ones when the season changes. You can keep the summer tires for use when winter is over.

Better Control Of Your Vehicle
Because of the improvement in technology, vehicles are now being fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). A vehicle with ABS has the capacity to slow down and stop faster with little application of force on the brakes. Good traction is necessary for ABS to work well. Winter tires provide the necessary traction for ABS to work meaning that when you apply the brakes, the vehicle will stop faster than if you were using all-weather tires.

Improved Driving Safety.
Safety should be a major concern for you when you are on the road, especially in winter. Ensure that you and the other people in the vehicle with you are as safe as possible when on the road. Buying snow tires for your car in winter makes your vehicle easier to control, thereby making it safe to drive even on slippery roads.

They Are Cost-Effective
When compared to the summer and all-weather tires, winter tires generally cost more. Yet this will prove to be a more cost-effective decision. Other tires are easily worn out faster in winter. This translates to a more considerable saving in your budget than if you would have continued to use your summer tires in winter.

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