5 Things Men Cover and Why We Cover Them

American retail is an incredible thing. Spend 20 minutes or so shopping online for covers and you will be amazed by how many things you can put a cover on. You can buy a cell phone cover – as though you stop using your phone long enough to actually use it. There are pool covers, pool table covers, table coverings, and on and on.

Men are especially attracted to covers. Why is not exactly clear. But we will cover just about anything given the opportunity. Need proof? Check out these five things men cover, and why we actually cover them:

1. Our Heads

It goes without saying that we men cover our heads with considerable regularity. Everywhere you go are men sporting baseball caps and beanies. Among steampunk fans are all flavors of top hats, stovepipe hats, and the like. Businessmen love the Fedora and the flat cap. But why? …

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