How Do You Fix Jacket Zippers?

Have you ever tried zipping up your jacket but to your dismay, the zipper ends up unzipping itself? This kind of annoying problem is a telltale sign that the zipper slider has already worn out. 

An easy and quick fix here is to crimp the slider of the zipper for it to be tighter and to grab the zipper teeth once again. A much better fix here is to replace your jacket zipper slider. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Get a pair of needle nose pliers and end nippers.
  2. Buy a new zipper slider and zipper stopper.
  3. Remove the old slider and stopper.
  4. Slip the new slider on.
  5. Attach the new stopper.

Replacing the slider can fix most zipper issues. If the zipper teeth are already damaged, or your zipper has a different type of problem, you can buy new ones instead from

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