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Easy Steps to Eliminate Acne Within a Week

Acne can appear due to various factors. One of them and the most common are clogged pores. These pores, usually a place where hair follicles can grow. If the pores are clogged, either by dirt; dead skin cells; or oil, infected by bacteria, then there will be inflammation and acne appears.

If it is basically your skin acne worse, you should immediately come to a dermatologist. Avoid to clinic beauty unless you really want to do facial treatment. Come to a dermatologist and consult your acne problem much better than trying this because they are the experts. Read also: Discover the benefits of aloe vera

If your acne belongs to a group of acne that likes to appear suddenly, we have the solution ya moeslemates. Guaranteed, your acne will be reduced in a week. Let’s listen!

1. Do not squeeze!

Not a common thing if the first thing you should do to get rid of your acne is to keep your hands away from acne! Holding and anything else squeezing pimples will aggravate your acne situation.

Because the hand is a bacterial summer. When you hold your pimples, the bacteria in your hand will stick to the acne and aggravate your acne.

Then his relationship with squeezing pimples?
When you squeeze your pimples, surely your hands will touch your acne right away. This is where the transfer of bacteria will occur. The risk of breaking acne such as bacteria that enter the skin because of the injuries to your skin can be avoided by not solving the acne.

Do you know when squeezing your acne fluid out to the surface only a small part?
Because some of them break under the outer layer of your skin. This is what makes inflammation and eventually, acne left scars.

2. Diligent Hand Washing

Although squeezing or even just touching acne is not a good habit, but the name is also human, we often forget and unconsciously shaping the acne again bigger. To reduce the danger of holding acne, especially to solve your acne accidentally, it’s good if you keep your hands clean with routine. The trick with diligent hand washing with anti-bacterial soap. Or you can also use anti-bacterial gel in hand after activity or regularly and periodically.

3. Washing Up

How to wash the right face for acne face is to use alcohol-free washing soap. Choose a facial cleanser that is devoted to fair acne. Use at least 2 times a day, morning and night before bed.

In the evening, do not forget to clean the makeup before washing your face. This should be done so that no dust and dirt is left on the face.

4. Use Facial Tissue or Special Towel to Dry Up Front

Using Facial Tissue to dry the face can prevent bacteria that exist throughout the body spread to the face. But thirsty attention yaa moeslemates, using facial tissue to dry the wow including wasteful and an activity that is less environmentally friendly. To work around this, you can use a separate towel for the face. The towel you use should also be diligent in washing and soft material to prevent skin irritation.

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