Keep in mind that the primary use of shipment containers is to transport goods from point A to point B. However, over the years, people have been highly creative and started using them outside their primary objective. 

The potential of containers as a building material is vast and you can use it to construct numerous things that will prove useful for your daily requirements.

It does not matter if you wish to own a new swimming pool, create an art studio or household because only the creativity stops you from finding its purpose.

We decided to present you ways we can use shipping containers apart from transportation. 

1.Swimming Pool

Imagine that you have a swimming pool in your yard. This may seem like a dream that you cannot achieve due to financial situation, since digging a belowground one can require thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, aboveground pools are also expensive, which is why people decided to find alternative materials that will help them along the way. Yes, we are talking about shipping containers.

Unlike other aboveground pools that are lousy and short-lasting, a shipping container is highly durable and robust, and you will be able to transport it with ease in case you wish to move out.

Since it comes with long shape, you will be able to use it to work out every single day and swim laps whenever you want. Remember that most container pools feature an applied sealant as well as a dropped-in liner so that you can keep water from affecting the steel walls.

You should check here to watch a video tutorial that will explain to you how to make a swimming pool out of the shipping container. 

Of course, you have to add other equipment similarly to other pools, such as filters and pumps, but everything depends on the system and chemicals you wish to use. You should know that you could also buy a container pool so that you can make it an in-ground solution.

Some owners choose to do it, but it requires permits and regulations that you have to obtain in your local office. As you can see, with a single container, you can make a difference and image if you purchase a few of them and create a pool with a larger setting and space.

2.Medical Compound

When it comes to other uses and applications, you can create a proper medical compound, especially if you are outside the urban and city area. For instance, the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery is in Sudan, and it is the largest facility made out of containers.

It features 300 local staff as well as 63 patient beds, and you will be able to enjoy a combination of shipping containers with traditional construction. It uses approximately ninety 20-foot containers, in which each room tends to use one and a half of it.

You can also find a cafeteria inside the 40ft container, which means that the possibilities are endless. 

Even though the original design didn’t include containers, architects have seen abandoned and empty ones and used them for building materials, which reduced the overall price significantly.


We live in a world where innovations are appealing, which means that for making a restaurant, it is not enough to take a space, fill it with tables and wait for customers to come to you.

You have to be creative, which is why you can use containers to create something completely different. The unique atmosphere is something that will drive people towards you, similarly as in London, where a Mexican restaurant was constructed by using eight shipping containers.

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At the same time, they used one of them to create a street stall so that you can take food to go. As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and you have to be creative so that you can make an impression.

For instance, in London, people enter the shipping containers that are designed with exceptional architecture, including glass windows that will provide those views onto the Thames River. 

The inside features recycled benches, which means that you do not have to think big and buy expensive equipment, you have to be unique and different.


Since from the very beginning, you have seen that containers can be used for almost anything, the new perspective is a Container Hotel that you will find in Malaysia. 

In Kuala Lumpur, the containers are the center and front of design combined with building blocks so that people can enjoy all the way.


One of the primary examples of a school built by using these materials is Montessori La Mila, which is in Mexico and it provides a unique building perspective that seemed interesting to international architects.

Since it is close to the ocean, the school can easily take advantage of the mild climate and sea breeze. The idea is that you can use them to create something that will prove beneficial for the area you live in.

At the same time, you do not have to use expensive building materials used in traditional construction, because the efficiency is the same, and you can spare money to purchase something else instead.

6.Greenhouse or Indoor Farm

Let us take a break from constructions and different applications that you can make because you can use containers and transform them into greenhouses or indoor farms. Remember that most gardens feature a greenhouse, and the problem can happen due to harsh weather elements.

Finally, you will be able to create a more durable and sturdier way to grow veggies by using this particular material. Since it is simple to maintain and healthy, you can use the space you have to plant whatever you like. 

Check this site: to get innovative ideas on how to use containers for greenhouses in general. 

The fact states that you will have more usable space than traditional greenhouses and what is most important, weather conditions will not be able to affect it in the long run. 

That is the main reason why you should consider getting a container that will provide you alternative ways to build, create, and enjoy.